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Everyone Could Use a Wingman. Engineering is No Different!

If you need more support for your engineering projects or if you don't have an engineering department, that's where I come in!

I've been at this for over 15 years. Don't worry, we've got this!


Start-ups and Established Businesses contact me because...

  • They don't have enough staff to fully support their projects.

  • They aren't ready to hire a full-time employee and all the expenses that go along with them.

  • They don't want to purchase SolidWorks software.

  • They don't understand part numbering schemes.

  • They don't want to deal with getting parts fabricated.

  • They don't have a professional looking drawing template.

  • They don't fully understand GD&T.

  • They don't fully grasp how to design a part for manufacturing.

  • They are running late on a project and need extra support.

  • They don't want their team of engineers spending their time doing detail work.

  • They simply want their ideas to be designed, detailed, and fabricated!

You work ON your business and let me work IN it. 


"As an engineering manager, I know how difficult it is to find excellent engineering resources on an as needed basis, which is why I have been using Conti Engineering Support for many years now to provide extra help when needed. Conti Engineering Support provides excellent design services in a quick and cost effective manner.  They are very easy to work with and knowledgeable about mechanical engineering and design.  They are especially useful because not only do they provide engineering and design support, but they also provide procurement services to get me the parts I need as efficiently as possible. I trust their business to find a supplier who can fabricate my parts or make the parts themselves in house. I highly recommend Conti Engineering Support as an engineering resource to all my colleagues in the industry."

Mike Cruz, President
Forward Photonics, LLC.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike for 15 years on many projects. He has excellent design skills, is extremely knowledgeable in Design for Manufacturing, and is diligent, responsible, and hard working. On our most recent project, he developed the solid model, the drawing package, and the Bill of Materials, and Conti Engineering Support fabricated the parts for the initial builds of the unit. Their parts were well made, and when changes or additional items were needed, Mike was able to accomplish this on a quick turn basis, allowing us to maintain the project schedule. He is easy to work with, and I am happy to give my unequivocal recommendation to both Mike and Conti Engineering Support’s services.

Glynda Blenham
Tech Comm Inc


Q: Can you solve my problem?

A: Of course I can!


Q: Can you take care of this for me?

A: I sure can!


Q: Do you want to have a beer and discuss future projects?

A: Yes. Yes I do!

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